Order Follow-up Procedures- Part 2 of 5
By Butch Peyton

This series of ProfitBuzz articles will cover multiple methods you can use to be more efficient with keeping track and following up on orders. Taking advantage of what ProfitMaker has to offer for customer service and follow up will help you service your customer quickly and effectively. The end result will be you will look more professional to your customer!

Acknowledge Orders

Orders can be acknowledged in Order Entry and through the menu option Acknowledge Orders. Acknowledged orders print an asterisk on the Open Order Report.

This option allows several orders to be acknowledged at the same time. The data displaying will default from the information that was entered during order entry.

If the order is a multiple-vendor order or a single-vendor order which you created a separate master order for, you also have the option to "Update the master order" with the new information.

  • Enter the order # or use the lookup icon to make a selection, then press Tab.

  • The Vendor # is now active. Enter the Vendor # or use the lookup icon to make a selection, then press Tab.

  • The following fields will now display data according to information entered during order entry. To activate the fields for editing purposes, click Edit.

  • Next Month Part 3 of 5 - Tracking Open Orders.

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