Make Order Entry Work for You!
By Debra Bickle

How long does it take you to enter an order? Do you find yourself typing the same thing over and over again?

There are a lot of built in functions that can help you get your daily work done more quickly.

  • Items: Create item masters for extra charges and items you continually sell. These items can be setup with description, product code and line item codes.
  • Color/Imprint Instructions: Have you ever forgotten to list the color or location of the decoration? These templates can contain repetitive information that does more than just save time. You can setup templates related to select products and then list required detail needed to produce that product correctly. Once you select the template, you simply add the details needed!
  • Factory Instructions: Are you typing the same thing over and over just to a different vendor? Examples would be your email address, phone number and even your name. Setup templates with your contact information and then use the template over and over saving you time!
  • Repeat Orders: Are your customers ordering the same items frequently? Then repeat an existing order. This pulls all the information from the old order into your new order. Just change the information as needed for this new order. You can even repeat an order from a different customer.
  • ESP Connection: Do you use ESP Online? Did you know that you can import your ESP sales order into ProfitMaker's order entry? You can also search for products using ESP Online directly from Order Entry's Line Item tab! Make sure you have your ESP credentials handy the first time you access ESP. What a time saver!

Using any or all of these capabilities will streamline your order entry, saving you both time and money. Take advantage of these features now and also look for more streamline advantages on our website at

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