Reducing Paper Success Story
By Tej Shah
Overture Premiums & Promotions

One of the initiatives Overture has set for itself in 2011 is to transition to a paperless system, with a specific goal of reducing our ink and paper usage by 90%. The benefits of a paperless system are endless, including reduced waste, much more efficient workflow, faster access to documents and decreasing overhead costs from paper and toner. After researching some of the top paperless technologies that are offered today, Overture decided to change the way it's using ProfitMaker rather than investing in another platform. Rather than launching the paperless system to the entire company at one time, Overture rolled out the new workflow one department at a time. To date, Overture has reduced ink and paper usage by over 75%.

The transition was surprisingly smoother than expected, with the only obstacle being acceptance by some of our experienced team members, which was overcome rather quickly. While implementing our paperless system, we found out that our accounting and billing department was significantly more streamlined in their processes, which helped reduce redundant and time-consuming manual work that was being done before.

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